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Alternative Viewpoints



Mental Health: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Related Issues


Three Perspectives on the DSM-5 from Superstars in Psychiatry

  • David Kupfer, MD: DSM-5 Reflects Dynamic Nature of Mental Illness through Lifespan
  • Allen J. Frances, MD: Dangers of the DSM-5
  • Thomas R. Insel, MD: The Best We Have for Now

The Latest Research: Who Should Create the DSM? (also fits under alternative viewpoints)


Alice Medalia: Seven Common Questions about Cognitive Remediation

Using Cognitive Remediation to Move Toward Recovery: An Interview with Alice Medalia, PhD, and             Resources on Cognitive Remediation for Individuals, Families, Clinicians, and Agencies

The Latest Research: Affordable First-line Treatments for Depression

Mark E. Helm, MD, MBA: Antipsychotic Side Effects: A Physician’s Perspective for Non-Prescribers

The Latest Research: Collaboration, Empathy, Accessibility, and the Bottom Line

The Latest Research: Mental Health Courts

Physical Health: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Related Issue


The Latest Research: The Effects of Mental Illness on Healthcare Treatment