The Center

About The Center


The mission of The Center for Rehabilitation and Recovery is to increase service access and quality so more people can achieve the promise of recovery. The Center promotes and guides system change by integrating best practices in person-centered care throughout the community behavioral health sector of New York City and surrounding areas. We foster change through clinical training, organizational development consulting, information dissemination, and cross-system collaboration.

Our work is guided by five major goals:

Build the capacity of community-based programs to deliver recovery-oriented services by enhancing the competency of the mental health workforce;

Increase the effectiveness of community-based programs by collaborating with agency leaders, staff and consumers to jointly plan, implement and evaluate efforts to improve the quality of care;

Enhance communication among and between government officials, behavioral health providers, educators, advocates, and consumers by developing strategic relationships and establishing learning collaboratives;

Disseminate up-to-date information on best practices and policy changes to behavioral health providers, consumers and other stakeholders;

Support innovation in New York’s behavioral health system by actively participating in workgroups and committees that focus on developing new recovery-oriented programs and services.

The Center is a division of The Coalition for Behavioral Health Inc. and is primarily funded by the NYS Office of Mental Health and the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene


The Center Committee guides our work and initiatives.


Pat Feinberg – Certified Benefits and Work Incentives Practitioner

Marlo Pasion – Program Associate

Amanda Saake – Senior Program Associate

Deborah Short – Administrative Coordinator

Margie Staker – Certified Benefits and Work Incentives Practitioner

Melissa Thomas – Senior Program Associate