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Specialist Nurse, Quality Improvement & Utilization Review

Services for the UnderServed


To ensure the health and safety of the individuals that SUS serves by conducting programmatic reviews, targeted reviews, and internal audits for the purpose of identifying and addressing systemic medical issues involving the individuals we serve. Also, to provide support to program management regarding medical best practices, policies, and procedures.

Job Functions:

• Conduct programmatic reviews of medical documentation to ensure best practices and compliance with medical standards
• Review incidents with medical issues and review medical policies and procedures for appropriate practice and follow-up
• Conduct internal audits and targeted reviews of medical charts and medication notes/assessments for compliance with best medical practices
• Facilitate and conduct appropriate trainings based on medical needs identified
• Provide medical technical assistance to programs as needed
• Monitor medical Plan of Corrective Action (POCA) implementation to ensure compliance
• Review and monitor Plans of Nursing Services (PONS) for compliance and best practices
• Review various agency medical and medication management/administration policies and procedures to ensure best medical practices
• Identify medical issues

Job Requirements:

• Registered Nurse (RN); minimum of three (3) years of experience in the healthcare or non-profit field, audit experience preferred.


Strong communication (both verbal and written) and interpersonal skills, strong organizational skills, the ability to multi-task and balance competing priorities, the ability to work with minimal supervision, and the ability to exercise sound and practical judgment and problem-solving. Must have strong attention to detail and the ability to manage a high-volume workload efficiently and effectively. Some experience with collecting medical data and presenting data in user friendly reports.
Responsibilities require an understanding of the medications prescribed and taken, and medical issues and challenges faced by the individuals that SUS serves. Must be able to identify and address systemic medical issues involving the individuals we serve, and have the ability to develop best practices, policies and procedures surrounding medication administration and other medical issues. Should be able to communicate and interact effectively at all levels of the organization.


Stephen Kibbons

Posted on 05/29/18; CVMHA ID #12099