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Arraignments Supervisor LCSW

Center for Alternative Sentencing and Employment Services


Job Title: Arraignments Supervisor LCSW

Reports To: Court Operations Director

Overview: Manhattan Supervised Release provides bail supervision services to individuals arrested in Manhattan for misdemeanors and non-violent felonies. Manhattan newSTART is an arraignment alternatives-to- incarceration program for adults arrested on misdemeanor crimes. CASES seeks a creative leader to supervise social work and bachelor level intake specialists, court representatives and court liaison staff. The supervisor supports the smooth operation of CASES’ court operations for the newSTART and Supervised Release Programs ensuring all arraignment shifts are covered and staff coverage of all progress hearings and compliance dates. This position is located in the Manhattan Courts and requires significant interface with defense attorneys, prosecutors, judges and other court personnel. To perform this job successfully the supervisor must have a good understanding of criminal court bail and other legal hearings. The individual will also be required to provide clinical supervision to social workers for licensing requirements and also for bachelor level staff within the framework of evidence-based assessment for all populations based on needs, and the risk, need, and responsivity principle that supports reductions in criminal recidivism and protects public safety.


· Oversee the court operations of the Manhattan Supervised Release and newSTART programs;

· Manage a team including a Team Leader, Support Staff, Court Representatives and Court Liaison Specialists;

· Conduct outreach to senior Manhattan criminal justice stakeholders: Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Supervising Judges, Legal Aid Society, New York County Defender Services, Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, and 18b panel, and Probation;

· Ensure defendants eligible for newSTART and Supervised Release receive effective and accurate screening and advocacy services;

· Monitor participant admissions based on program eligibility criteria for Supervised Release and newSTART;

· Ability to understand information presented in legal terms using legal terminology;

· Implement and complete continuous quality improvement activities to ensure newSTART and Supervised Release program and contractual goals are achieved;

· Facilitate effective communication with criminal justice stakeholders;

· Conduct direct screenings as needed for staff coverage, complex cases and to stay abreast of court operations;

· Train Judges and other criminal justice stakeholders on program services;

· Ensure court staff match participants to appropriate bail supervision and alternatives to incarceration mandates based on risk screen findings and legal history;

· Assure screening and assessment practices utilize motivational interviewing;

· Lead organizational and court staff meetings;

· Ability to work in an environment that requires strict attention to detail and adherence to court procedures;

· Proactively oversee monthly program performance as it relates to contracted goals through data analysis, staff training and coaching;

· Provide regular administrative and clinical supervision to program staff;

· Establish screening and advocacy protocols for high risk and high need program participants and convene case reviews to addresses complex cases;

· Supervise staff in use of motivational interviewing and evidence-based practices;

· Oversee the use of risk and need screenings for high risk participants, to inform the development of effective service plans;

· Supervise electronic charting activities and reporting in accordance with confidentiality regulations;

· Oversee incident reporting procedures;

· Provide in-service trainings in MI, recovery-oriented services, risk, need and responsivity, engagement, understanding and navigating the criminal justice system, and Focus on Integrated Treatment (FIT);

· Provide culturally-competent and anti-discriminatory services and ensure staff receive annual cultural competency training;

· Work collaboratively with CASES’ Strategic Planning and Analysis unit to track and monitor program performance and participate in monthly performance measure meetings and implement plans of action in response to program trends and performance;

· Authorize time sheets, ordering of supplies, vacation requests,

· Complete staff evaluations, problem-solving and Performance Improvement Plans;

· Any other duties as required by the senior staff.


· NYS LCSW with five years of experience including at least two years of supervisory experience;

· At least two years of experience working on a multidisciplinary team;

· Knowledge of the criminal justice system, court processes and alternative to detention/incarceration services;

· Experience using database such as Salesforce;

· Spanish speaking a plus.

Salary: $70,000 fulltime 35-hour week with excellent benefits.


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Posted on 05/18/18; CVMHA ID #12084