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The Brooklyn FACT Team is a newly designed team. The team provides mobile community based mental health treatment to promote the recovery and community integration of 68 adults with serious mental illness and co-occurring substance use disorders living mainly in Brooklyn. The Registered Nurse is an integral part of the ACT Team, providing health assessment, counseling, and medication management to promote recovery, wellness, and optimal health. The nurse provides services in the community and in the ACT team office, within the framework of core ACT operating principles, professional nursing ethics, and regulatory guidelines. Specific responsibilities include.

Assess needs and act as an advocate for housing, mental health treatment, substance abuse treatment, medical care, income support, and other services;
Primary responsibility for the development of individualized nursing assessments on all program participants. Develops, implements, and evaluates the nursing regimen for assigned recipients;
Participate in defining, implementing, and maintaining standards of nursing practice;
Participate in determining conditions, resources, and policies essential to the delivery of nursing care services;
Provide individual psychotherapy to recipients;
Evaluate, on a continuing basis, nursing intervention and expected outcomes;
Has the ability to identify and the differences between physical and psycho-social signs and symptoms; selects and performs those therapeutic measures which are essential for effective execution of the nursing regiment for assigned recipients;
Facilitate the coordination of health services into recipients' service plans;
Have the ability to facilitate a healthy lifestyle and/or wellness group
During the assessment obtains information: a) to establish the degree of risk and the required level of services, and b) to available resources;
Act as advocate and liaison for recipients in securing housing, treatment, public assistance, and medical care, and other community services

Involve family, significant others, and housing providers in service provision;
Build in review and evaluation points, and modifies the service plan in the light of feedback from recipients and relevant others;
Provide individual health counseling and teaching as needed;
Meet required levels of case management contacts and provide crisis intervention on rotating, on-call basis;
Maintain schedule for recipient prescriptions;
Administer IM's and vaccines, plant and read PPD's, and performs phlebotomy as per orders;
Transcribe orders and update Medication Administration Records;
Monitor vital signs and side effects of medications and report findings to Team;
Complete assessments, progress notes, court reports, and significant data; and
Provide culturally competent services in accordance with CASES policies and practice.


A Licensed Registered Nurse (RN) with current New York State license and 3 years of experience serving the mentally ill/mentally ill chemically addicted (MICA) homeless population;
Have a passion for Community Nursing
Case management experience preferred and computer literate desired skills;
Experience with group facilitation;
Demonstrated commitment to continued professional development; and
Bilingual skills in Spanish are a plus.




Zoya McCants
Director of Mobile Behavioral Health Teams

Posted on 05/02/18; CVMHA ID #12056