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Center for Urban Community services


The Center for Urban Community Services, a national leader in the development of effective housing and service initiatives for homeless people, invites applications for a Clinical Supervisor at The Times Square, an acclaimed supportive housing residence which houses 652 tenants.

Responsibilities: The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for the supervision and direct oversight of a clinical services team. This position has significant decision-making, supervisory, administrative, program management and service delivery responsibilities including but not limited to, site management, inter-team coordination, contract regulatory/policy compliance, and managed care linkages.


Experience and Education Required:
• Strong writing and verbal communication skills
• Post-masters direct service experience with populations served by the program preferred
• Strong clinical assessment skills
• Computer literacy
• Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
• Sound judgment, good decision making skills, and a high degree of tact and professionalism
• Good writing and verbal communication skills
• Ability to problem-solve, prioritize, and effectively manage time
• Computer literacy
• Experience with EPB groups services preferred
• Bilingual English/Spanish preferred

**Candidates without an LCSW will be considered if:
LMSW without an LCSW may be accepted if it is determined that the applicant has made significant progress toward the LCSW. In addition to the criteria above, such applicants must have accumulated a minimum of the following:

a. At least 18 months of eligible LCSW practice time.
b. At least 1320 of the state-required 2000 hours LCSW practice time
c. At least 67 of the state-required 100 hours of LCSW supervision.

***Please note that within 6 months from completion of 2000 LCSW practice hours including the 3 year minimum practice time, LCSW license will be required.


Send resume and cover letter to the following email address: Matthew Holloway <>

• Applicants will only be considered for positions they apply for.
• CUCS is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Prohibits Discrimination and Harassment of Any Kind

Posted on 04/23/18; CVMHA ID #12037