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Peer Specialist Queens/Brooklyn/Nassau County

WellLife Network



1. Assist participants in building desired skills to succeed in chose life roles in the community such as job acquisition and tenure.

2. Work with peers to complete structured skills development.

3. Support the employment-related choices members make and assist them in overcoming job-related anxiety and/or stressors/barriers.

4. Develop, co-lead and facilitate structured skill development classes within program setting and be part of an interdisciplinary team. Complete required documentation.

5. Provide services in all categories, as needed, including intensive rehabilitation goal acquisition (IRGA), structured skills development, wellness self-management and community resources development. Classes, groups and activities are designed to facilitate the recovery of individuals diagnosed with mental health conditions.

6. Use self-disclosure as a means to inspire and support others, as needed.

7. Provide individual and group rehabilitation/recovery and guidance.

8. Provide coverage of programming usually facilitated by other staff that may not be scheduled to work on any individual day.

9. Receive supervision by and report to the Program Director/Clinical Supervisor.

10. Function as a vital part of an interdisciplinary team environment.


Demonstrated interpersonal communication skills and the ability to empathize with, relate to and effectively work with recipients of mental health services. Life experience with mental health or substance abuse history.


Two years of active participation in mental health self-help activities, peer support or peer advocacy programs, or recipient run organizations or similar experiences or programs. High school diploma or GED preferred, not required.


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Posted on 03/02/18; CVMHA ID #11925