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Clubhouse Generalist/Business Unit (Full Time)

Citiview Connections Goodwill Ind.


Provide rehabilitative case management services to adults with psychiatric disabilities and co-occurring substance use disorders within a Clubhouse International accredited clubhouse setting and following the evidenced based model. Services include assisting with social service needs; including but not limited to medical and financial benefits, housing and vocational needs. Coordinate educational and social activities of program members. Work side by side in partnership with members to ensure the day to day functioning of the clubhouse.

Essential Functions:

· Staff use the Clubhouse environment to develop relationships whereby members experience themselves as valued participants in the Clubhouse community

· Staff is given responsibility for aspects of the work that is integral to the operation of the Clubhouse

· Engage members and work alongside members in carrying out these responsibilities

· Engage members through encouragement, appreciation for their help, and a focus on abilities, while allowing for and accepting limitations

· Actively promote the development of members’ aspirations regarding Clubhouse participation, employment, education, housing, and social involvements

· Respond to needs and problems of members with practical guidance and advice geared toward realizing aspirations, cooperation with others, and community integration

· Manage and participate with members in Clubhouse programs providing opportunities for social and recreational activities

· Engage cooperatively with other staff and members in developing Clubhouse policies and in advancing the purposes and welfare of the Clubhouse as a whole

· Assume responsibility for Clubhouse Units while developing new projects and methods to enhance unit functioning - Oversee the daily operations and management of the assigned unit including activities and goals

· Manages all aspects of the assigned unit; including but not limited to, assisting members with meal planning and meal preparation, food shopping, food ordering and overseeing appliance maintenance or repairs, assisting members with clubhouse maintenance and cleaning, assistance with computer skills and monthly newsletter, employment activities, i.e. resume writing and job development, and other tasks as assigned

· Provides case management; maintain caseload, provides outreach to members, including crisis intervention/prevention

· Facilitates various community meetings

· Design and facilitates various clubhouse activities in partnership with members

· Functions as Placement Manager for members in Transitional Employment, providing on the job-training for members and filling in for members on the job during absences

Responsible for related monthly and quarterly reports
(Other duties and assignments as may be assigned at the sole discretion of the employer)


· High School diploma required. Bachelor degree from an accredited school in related field preferred

· Knowledge of recovery model of services preferred

· Work experience in mental health or vocational rehabilitation preferred

· Enjoys working in a kitchen, does not require background in culinary arts

· Experience in case management/and or clubhouse experience highly preferred

· Some Saturdays required

· Program is open on all holidays, staff coverage is rotated

· Two (2) to Three (3) week clubhouse training at a Clubhouse International certified training base outside of New York State

· Requires standing for long periods at times

· Requires lifting 20lbs

· May be responsible for home visits

· Responsible for traveling off-site via public transportation for Transitional Employment visits with members

· Must be able to work in a fast paced environment under pressure


Min 34k Max 39k


Russell Roten

Posted on 02/05/18; CVMHA ID #11833