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Special Education Teacher

The Guidance Center of Westchester


PROGRAM: Rebound

HOURS: School calendar (possible summers) - Part Time (Morning Session)

M.S. Ed., MAT, or other Masters in education/special education. 1 year experience. NYS Special Education Certification.

Provide special educational instructions and support to high school students in a self-directed online learning format (Apex Learning). Document learning, quarterly reports, lesson plans, grading etc.
A. Run instructional and academic support sessions/class. (per needs at site)
B. Responsible for formal and informal assessment of students (If Applicable)
C. Maintain open communication between staff and parents
D. Supervise volunteer tutors (such as volunteer & student interns), with guidance from the Supervisor
E. Complete Annual Progress Reports & Regression Statements (as required)
F. Support and provide s
G. Participate in CPSE/CSE meetings, as required
H. Mandated reporter

The Special Education Teacher provides direct and appropriate individualized instruction based on IEP goals (if applicable) and objectives in the subject areas according to the New York Learning Standards and develops social skills while maintaining classroom discipline and safety. The teacher collaborates with a multidisciplinary team that includes Substance Use Counselors, College & Career Counselors, Social Workers, parents and other professionals in the education and treatment of each child. The Teacher reports student progress by reviewing the IEP on a quarterly basis, completing a daily computer log, participating in quarterly Planning Conferences, and by issuing report cards.


 Knowledge and understanding of specific special needs of children
 Ability to manage classroom
 Ability to differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each learner
 Ability to relate to children and their family members
 Ability to work with multi-disciplinary team
 Ability to supervise Teaching Assistant & others (as appropriate, such as student teachers)
 Good verbal and written communication skills
 Ability to do required paperwork accurately and in a timely manner
 Experience administering formal & informal educational assessments
 Experience putting formal and informal assessment results into report form
 Experience developing IEP Goals
 Knowledge of NY State Pre-k Standards
 Basic computer skills


Based on experience


Contact Person:
Daniel Bonnet, Deputy Director

Posted on 01/31/18; CVMHA ID #11816