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Medicaid Service Coordinator (Bilingual- Spanish)

Well Life Network


Job Description:

Position Summary: The Medicaid Service Coordinator is responsible for “advocacy, Linkage, and Referral.” The MSC works to develop, Implement, and Maintain an Individualized service Plan based on the Individual’s wants needs and preferences. To facilitate a twice-yearly team meeting at which the ISP will be developed to maintain a minimum of three Face to Face visits annually, one of which will take place in the home of the Individual.

Essential Accountabilities:

Write, maintain, and implement an ISP that reflects the individual’s preferences, and all services provided, twice yearly. Assisting the individual to identify particular choices and valued outcomes that reflect the person’s vision of himself and his future.

Complete the ISP with all signatures and distribute to all service providers within 60 days of the review date.

Provide Advocacy, Linkage, and referral for new and identified services.

Facilitate a twice-yearly review, to which all providers have been invited by the MSC, of the ISP.

Coordinate all services and act as a liaison between all service providers, the advocate, and the individual, when necessary.

Make a minimum of three face-to-face contacts annually, one of which will take place in the home of the Individual and one will be for the ISP review. Visit the periodically at the day program, or job if the individual so requests.

Call the advocate, or residential provider, once monthly to inquire about the consumer’s health, and any concerns.

Apply for and re-certify Medicaid, HEAP, and Food Stamps. Participate in the enrollment of new or converting individuals into MSC. Apply for

Waiver Enrollment and Services.

For Waiver Enrolled Consumers, complete and maintain a yearly LOC.

Document all of the above in a monthly case note, which is to be presented and signed by the supervisor within a week after contact.

Maintain a Service Coordination record, including but not limited to the following evaluations: Medical/PPD, Psychological, and Psychosocial.

Prepare monthly billing.

Must have the ability to maintain cooperative working relationships with other staff and Caseload and locations are subject to change based on consumer and departmental need.

Must maintain a clean driver‘s license and have access to a car.

Maintain and coordinate a caseload of between 40 - 47 consumers, depending on where the consumer resides.

Additional duties as required.



Four Year College Degree; as well as one year Work, Voluntary or Life
Experience assisting individuals with a diagnosis of a Developmental Disability.

Excellent communication skills and excellent customer service skills.

Clean Drivers License and access to a vehicle.

QMRP and Bilingual
Spanish Required.


$18.87 /hour


Posted on 01/03/18; CVMHA ID #11732