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Supervisor, Manhattan Mental Health Court Case Management



Reports To: Director of Court Programs

Overview: Manhattan Mental Health Court (MMHC) Case Management is a new program at CASES. MMHC Case Management will serve annually over 50 adults (16 years and above) with serious mental illness (SMI) involved in the criminal justice system. This pool includes individuals who are currently incarcerated or in the community referred for Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) services through the Manhattan Mental Health Court. MMHC Case Management offers community case management and rehabilitation services to support participants to successfully exit the justice system, engage in recovery, and progress toward self-sufficiency. The Supervisor of MMHC Services is the lead staff member working in the Manhattan Mental Health Court and in the Manhattan Criminal and Supreme Courts for participants in alternative to incarceration services. The Supervisor accepts referrals, conducts comprehensive assessments and makes treatment recommendations, coordinating appropriate treatment for MMHC participants, and providing updates to the Court through liaison with community providers to receive written progress reports on the individual’s status and progress in community substance abuse and mental health treatment. The Supervisor will supervise the work of the other case management staff assigned to work with MMHC participants. The Supervisor will be expected to dedicate at least 40 percent of time to direct services for program participants. The Supervisor ensures participants receive services that are recovery-oriented, strengths-based and adhere to the core principles of risk, need and responsivity to reduce criminal recidivism, increase engagement in community treatment and support participants to achieve goals for recovery, education and employment, and crime-free community living.


· Accept referrals from the Manhattan Mental Health Court and criminal justice personnel (defense attorneys, judges, and prosecutors) and conduct screening interviews of defendants in the Manhattan Criminal and Supreme Court holding pens and as needed via teleconference;

· Complete comprehensive assessment with diagnostic findings and treatment recommendations from face to face interviews, review of medical records, communication with treatment providers, family and significant others, and the administration of standardized drug/alcohol, mental health and trauma screens;

· Identify relevant behavioral health needs, assess severity of problems and the impact on functioning, stage of readiness for change, and strengths and protective factors that can be utilized for recovery and rehabilitation;

· Conduct risk assessment in screening and assessment activities to determine the degree of risk for general reoffending, self-harm or victimization the individual may pose and identify risk management strategies that will support successful engagement in community living;

· Complete appropriate documentation such as the universal referral form for Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), referrals for outpatient and residential mental health/substance abuse treatment, Health Home care management, Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT), 2010e supportive housing application, and the new Home and Community based Services offered through Medicaid Managed Care HARP benefit;

· Conduct screening and assessment interviews at the Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center before individuals eligible for alternative to incarceration are returned to Rikers Island;

· Submit comprehensive assessments to the MMHC, attend conference meetings and present findings on the individual’s status and progress and adherence to plea agreement;

· Notify MMHC of changes in the status of the participant and violations of plea agreement;

· Provide comprehensive reports for individuals eligible for alternative to incarceration services in Manhattan Criminal and Supreme Courts and attend court appearances;

· Attend pre-release conference hearings with defense attorneys to present recommendations to assistant district attorneys, bureau chiefs, and judges;

· Use motivational interviewing, train and supervise staff in use of motivational interviewing to engage and retain participants in services;

· Compile update reports and provide written status reports as needed for court appearances;

· Attend and prepare for team meetings and supervision;

· Work with jail-based discharge planners to coordinate the individual’s access to medications and entitlements on release from the court;

· Conduct home assessment visits with significant others for participants returning to live with significant others and family members to establish the suitability of the living situation and engage significant others in the expectations of alternative to incarceration services;

· Provide culturally competent services in accordance with CASES policies and practice;

· Any other duties as required by supervisory and executive staff.


· NYS LCSW or LMSW with one year of supervisory experience;

· At least three years of experience providing services to individuals with serious mental illness and co occurring substance use disorders;

· Extensive knowledge of supportive housing, treatment, rehabilitation and support services for individuals with serious mental illness;

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills;

· Spanish speaking a plus.


$61,500 (Full-time Monday to Friday, 35-hour week)

Benefits: Here at CASES we offer benefits that will assist you in making the most of your career and your life. Our programs include health and wellness insurance which is offered through Aetna. A retirement 403(b) plan is held with Principal, education, and training. Additionally, our portable ancillary benefits are offered through Aflac, Legal Shield, and ADP Flexible spending account; which is then deducted through payroll along with commuter benefits, additional short-term disability, cancer, additional income protection, hospitalization coverage, and identity theft protection.


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Posted on 09/15/17; CVMHA ID #11399