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Reports To: Next Steps Program Coordinator

Next STEPS is an initiative of the Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety (MAP for Neighborhood Safety or the MAP Initiative) that offers one-on-one and group mentoring within a cognitive behavioral therapy-based curriculum, life skill development, community engagement and volunteer experiences that are designed to help young adults make personal, academic and social-emotional changes needed to avoid criminal activity and promotes personal growth and community development, while on their journey's of life success. The Department of Probation contracts with organizations in targeted neighborhoods to provide transformative mentoring designed to intervene at a critical point in the lives of young adults who are: actively engaged and/or involved in serious violent activity (including domestic violence) and/or gang‐affiliated, who reside in or near targeted NYCHA housing developments throughout New York City. The primary responsibility of the Mentor are to support Next Steps youth in both individual and group settings. The mentors take on the role of advisory coach that provides support and guidance for youth to develop critical thinking, crisis management, and problem-solving skills necessary to navigate negative situations. Next Steps programs have two offices. Their locations are (Tompkins office) 510 Gates Avenue Brooklyn, NY on the 3rd Floor CASES office, and Bushwick office (Bushwick Cornerstone Center).

Key responsibilities


· Create an environment where mentees are willing and able to learn.

· Foster mentee relationships that encourage mentee to be open without fear of incorrect responses.

· Facilitate mentee’s insight into learning and learning processes.

· Promote independent learning.

· Provide a youth perspective on learning and youth success.

· Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities for group sessions.

· Foster positive relationships among participants to encourage a peer support system.


· Meet regularly with youth on a one-to-one or small group basis.

· Be available for incoming phone calls from assigned mentee as per set schedule.

· Keep regular and accurate records of meetings.


· Develop mentee self confidence in subject matter.

· Help mentee develop positive attitudes toward learning and studying/ future goal setting and decision-making.

· Encourage mentee to participate during sessions.

· Encourage mentee to acquire further knowledge of content.

· Encourage mentee to perform at their highest level at all times.

· Motivate mentee to enter higher education institutions and seek careers.

Other functions

· Attend mentor training sessions and workshops.

· Perform duties as assigned by Program Coordinator or Director of Youth Development.

Key Characteristics

· Punctual, dependable, and mature.

· Friendly, motivated, and sensitive to a diversity of students.

· Possesses a positive outlook: The belief that things can be changed through action.

· Has a desire to help others: The willingness to become involved with people at first hand and in depth.

· Demonstrates empathy: The ability to feel what another person is feeling.

· Possesses an even disposition: Patience, gentleness, understanding and fairness.

· Has an open mind: A willingness to accept other people and their views.

· Takes initiative: The ability to see what needs to be done and do it.

· Has enthusiasm: A liking for the subject and a wish to share it with others.


High School Diploma or equivalent, or at least 3 years of relevant work experience.


$15 Per Hour Up to 10 Hours Per Week


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Posted on 07/26/17; CVMHA ID #11270