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Senior Family Advocate



The Senior Family Advocate will provide needed care coordination, outreach, support, advocacy, information and referral to Family Resource Center (FRC) consumers—parents and caregivers of children, adolescents and/or transitional-aged youth (ages 0-24) identified as having emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges, or are at risk for developing a disorder due to biological, psychological, or social factors. The Senior Family Advocate will also be expected to participate in the prerequisite in-service training to develop proficiency in certain FRC administrative and supervisory activities, to be determined, in support of the Program Director.

The aim of the FRC is to provide family support services focused on the needs of the children, who are currently receiving mental health services or at-risk children in the need of new or additional services. The focus of the FRC is to lessen parents' feelings of being overwhelmed by the daily need of caring for their child, to help lessen the stress, confusion, failure and embarrassment often experienced by these parents due to their child's behaviors, to ameliorate their social isolation and helplessness, to empower parents to be aware of and access appropriate services and entitlements for their children and to gain skills and information to assist them in effective parenting.


High School Diploma or equivalent. Three years minimum experience as a primary caretaker of a child with or at-risk for emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges and obtaining mental health, educational and related services or entitlements for such a child plus three years’ experience as a Family Advocate or an equivalent position. Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills. Culturally and linguistically competent to communicate with and support the families served. Ability to engage families as a peer. Knowledge of a second language preferred. Knowledge of a range of local resources, procedures and tactics required to meet the needs of children is essential. Required to complete the PEP training and earn the Family Peer Advocate Credential (FPA) within one year of being hired.




Posted on 03/28/17; CVMHA ID #10878