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Consumer Services Coordinator

WellLife Network


The Consumer Services Coordinator is responsible for assuring quality services are received by program residents in WellLife Network's Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) residential programs. This individual must have a working knowledge of ICF paperwork such as consumer goals and Comprehensive Functional Assessments (CFA’s) and be proficient in the use of computer systems (i.e., Outlook, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, etc.).


1. Ensure the development, implementation and recording
mechanisms for provision of active treatment to consumers are
aimed at increasing each individual’s capacity to function

2. Serve as Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) as
needed and oversee the services to the consumers of assigned
sites in accordance with agency policies and procedures and
OPWDD regulations and guidelines.

3. Review goals and services to ensure they appropriately address
recommendations from the IDT and specific consumer’s needs.
Review progress made on goals and ensure progress, stasis, and
regression are acted upon accordingly.

4. Conduct monthly internal audits of ICF consumer program records
including: goal progress, goal turnover, annual and semi-annual
CFA’s, monthly summaries and IDT meeting minutes and identify
any problem areas. Ensure that Personal Expenditure Plans
(PEP) and Money Management Assessment (MMA) are
completed and updated as needed. Communicate information
from reviews to the Residence Manager, Assistant Director and
Deputy Director.

5. Ensure the program is operating in accordance with agency, state
and federal standards. Review all Plans of Corrections (POCA’s)
to ensure the QIDP component is met as needed.

6. Assist in observations and training of staff to ensure consumer
needs are met and service plans are implemented appropriately.
Ensure provision of training is in accordance with specific
consumer concerns and/or needs, such as special protocols.

7. Participate in IDT meetings for select individuals, as needed, to
ensure consumer needs are met through an appropriate plan of
care; ex. complex or high profile cases. Review the CFA/Annual,
Semi-Annual and Special IDTs Review plan of care and ensure all
recommendations are implemented in a timely fashion.

8. Assist in training of Residence Managers / Site Supervisors on
how to complete the CFA’s, IDT meeting minutes, PEP’s and
MMA’s, goal writing, goal progress and goal turn over, as needed.

9. Serve on standing committees as assigned by supervisor i.e.,
Human Rights, Incident Review, Admissions, Infection Control,
Consumer Council.

10. Must be able to physically interact with the consumer, negotiate
the environment independently, including assisting in all SCIP
interventions, emergency CPR, First Aid, and fire drills/evacuation.

11. May need to assist managers in updating consumer records in
Avatar, including but not limited to completion of the daily census,
review of goal data collection, etc.

12. Available for assistance in emergency situations, including on-call

13. Work schedule and location subject to change.

14. Maintain confidentiality at all times.

15. Other duties as requested.


Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services required. Three to five years experience in DD services.


Posted on 03/10/17; CVMHA ID #10817