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Shift Supervisor

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Coordinate daily staff assignments and maintain the Residence according to agency policy.
Provide all aspects of care to program residents to enable them to become independent and productive individuals. Must have working knowledge of computer systems (i.e. Outlook, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, etc.).

1. Ensures that all activities enhance and support each person’s
social responsibility, independence, dignity and continued growth.

2. Implement goals designed to maximize each resident’s level of
independence, as determined by the IDT, including but not limited
to: budgeting, grooming, nutritional planning, use of public
transportation, use of community resources, shopping and
housekeeping. Responsible for entering consumer data
documentation in Avatar.

3. Supervises DSP’s on a daily basis, which includes: review of the
DSP’s consumer data documentation in Avatar, distribution of
work, staff training and orientation. Act as an appropriate role
model for DSP’s and consumers at all times.

4. Coordinates and assist consumers with personal needs.

5. Assists in training consumers in activities of daily living and
development of self-help and social skills.

6. Participates in interdisciplinary team process, which includes:
evaluation, program planning, implementation and monitoring
consumers’ cases, and maintaining contact with family members.

7. Dispenses medication to consumers as necessary and
maintaining medical certification.

8. Coordinates and participates in recreational activities for

9. Assists in transporting consumers to and from medical
appointment, recreational activities, and programming.

10. Communicates relevant information to other staff and
supervisor(s), verbally and in writing, (i.e., daily communication
log, telephone log, incident reports, medication and behavior
incident reports.)

11. Maintains the consumers’ financial accounts, which includes
banking, paying bills, etc. as requested by the Residence

12. Attends all scheduled staff meetings and all required in-services.

13. Performs all duties as per DCC job description.

14. Must be able to physically intervene with participant when
individual may cause physical injury to self or to others: assist
participants responding to potential dangerous situations (i.e.,
hand on hot stove; running into traffic). Must be able to administer
emergency first aid to participant.

15. The ability to complete the following training courses and perform
the techniques taught in each are a required function of the
position: AMAP, CPR, SCIP, First Aid. This includes the
computerized EMAR (Electronic Medication Administration
Record) system, where applicable.

16. Maintains confidentiality at all times.

17. Other duties as requested.


High School Diploma required, Associate’s Degree preferred or a combination of education and experience. One to two years experience working with the developmentally disabled is necessary. Supervisory experience preferred. A valid NYS Driver’s license is required.


Posted on 03/10/17; CVMHA ID #10814