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Assistant Manager

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Coordinate daily staff assignments with management staff and maintain the residence according to agency policy. Provide all aspects of care to the program individuals to foster an environment of independence and productivity. Responsible for total oversight of daily operations of DD Residential Programs. Supervises Area Coordinator (when applicable). Must have a working knowledge of computer systems (i.e., Outlook, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, etc.).

1. Assist Deputy Director of DD Residential Services in developing
formalized strategic program plan and objectives and specific
program policies and procedures to ensure compliance with
agency standards.
2. Assist in oversight of daily operations of DD Residential
Department to ensure compliance with all regulatory agency
certification standards and agency policies and procedures.
3. Ensure that programs meet internal standards of quality and are
audit ready at all times.
4. Conduct walk-throughs of assigned programs during site visits to
ensure a safe, clean and home-like environment.
5. When the manager or assistant manager is not available (ex.
Vacation or medical leave) the Assistant Director will be
responsible for updating and maintaining consumer records in
Avatar, including but not limited to completion of the daily census,
EMAR (electronic medication administration record), data
collection, etc.
6. Review Avatar Billing records weekly for each program in the
assigned cluster to ensure timely documentation of services
7. Review residential paperwork on a monthly basis at a minimum
and sign off as reviewed; ex. consumer funds, petty cash, monthly
QIDP notes, medical consults, fire drill reports, annual and semi-
annual consumer assessments, etc.
8. Provide direct supervision, training and evaluation of program
managers and area coordinators (When applicable).
9. Assume the role of QIDP in residences that do not have a qualified
QIDP manager.
10. Review and approve manager electronic time sheets for bi-weekly
11. Monitor staffing levels for all DD residential programs.
12. Coordination of positive family relations.
13. Develop, implement, and monitor cost control measures within the
DD residential programs; ex. monitor the use of overtime and relief
staff hours.
14. Serve and/or conduct agency and departmental committee meeting
as assigned by the Program Director.
15. Availability for assistance in emergency situations, including on call
16. Maintain contract/agreements with outside service provides for
ongoing emergency medical, dental and psychiatric treatment in
addition to any other needed service.
17. Communicate information with all residential/day treatment staff
supervisor(s) verbally and in writing for the purpose of giving
instructions, providing feedback and adjusting work practices.
18. Must be able to read typed and written correspondence, clinical
notes, communication log, staff meeting minutes, minutes of IDT,
doctor's orders, fire drill logs, able to write, able to use the
19. Must be able to climb and descend interior and exterior stairs and
ambulate up and down exterior fire escapes.
20. Must be able to physically intervene with consumer when a
consumer may cause physical injury to self or others: assist
consumers in responding to potential dangerous situations (e.g.
hand on hot stove; running into traffic; able to administer
emergency first aid to participants.
21. Must have the ability to board/de-board agency vehicles and public
transportation vehicles (bus/subway)
22. Able to transport self to scattered worksites.
23. Able to operate office machinery.
24. Able to attend meetings/training's at various sites that require
following different route of travel to worksites.
25. Must successfully complete and perform all techniques required in
SCIP, CPR, and First Aid.
26. Able to lift/carry packages and boxes of supplies; as well as
consumers if necessary.
27. Liaison with other agency departments to ensure proper
coordination of services, including purchasing training, personnel,
client fiscal, account and MIS.
28. Work schedules and locations are subject to change.
29. Maintain confidentiality at all times.
30. Communicate issues with support services (ex. General Services,
Nursing, Psychology, Clinical.) that need to be addressed in their
assigned programs.
31. This does not limit the assignment of duties or exclude the
performance of other duties, not mentioned, as assigned by the


Master's degree in Psychology, Social Work, or a related discipline preferred. Minimum of three year's experience in human services administration, at lease two of which is in the field developmental disabilities. Valid NYS driver’s license required.


Posted on 03/10/17; CVMHA ID #10813