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Pretrial Social Worker II LMSW/LMHC



Reports To: Team Leader

Overview: Manhattan Supervised Release provides bail supervision services to individuals arrested in Manhattan for misdemeanors and non-violent felonies. Participants are supervised to comply with release reporting conditions in the community. CASES seeks an experienced Social Worker to manages a caseload supporting participants to comply with supervision appointments and court appearances during the pendency of their legal case. The Social Worker completes assessments addressing likelihood of failure-to-appear and rearrest and identifies psychosocial needs for housing, employment/education/vocational, and behavioral health. The Social Worker motivates participants to use their program participation to address need areas through the development of a comprehensive supervision plan. The Social Worker will ensure participants receive services that are strengths-based, gender-specific, developmentally and culturally sensitive while adhering to the core principles of risk, need and responsivity to reduce recidivism, increase compliance with community supervision and program services. This position is based in Central Harlem and includes fieldwork in the larger NYC community as needed to assist participants.


· Rapidly (within 24-48 hours of release) assess participants to determine supervision level and identify needs and risk factors

· Establish supervision schedule (as assigned by level of recidivism risk), and the mandatory methods of communication (face-to-face, telephone, and texts) established by the participant’s supervision plan;

· Work collaboratively with the court and other pretrial staff team facilitating effective and real-time communication to facilitate and ensure participants’ successful completion of mandated supervision appointments and court appearances during the pendency of their legal case;

· Provide comprehensive information based on assessment and participant progress to support the work of court staff to advocate for the successful termination of pre-trial supervision;

· Review legal and court screening documentation and work with participants to analyze their offending behavior patterns, identifying behavioral changes, need for implementation of supports that may reduce likelihood of any pretrial arrests;

· On an ongoing basis, conduct service need assessments and service plan reviews with participants to examine psychosocial needs and problems, including the severity of mental and substance use disorders, problems affecting participation, engagement, and continuity in supervision and treatment and individual motivation for treatment;

· Administer standardized screening and assessment tools such as the Texas Christian University Drug Screen II (TCU Drug Screen II), Level of Service Case Management Inventory (LSCMI), the Participant Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) and the CRAFFT with participants as needed, and integrate results into appropriate recidivism risk and case management service planning and interventions;

· Ensure the timely flow of community outreach and case management activities and accompanying documentation to meet program goals and objectives;

· Utilize problem solving techniques, motivational interviewing and other evidence-based practices as appropriate as an integral part of the pretrial supervision and case management process approach, to help motivate and engage individuals in any needed process of change;

· Provide all services in a manner that is gender-responsive, trauma-informed, and that adheres to the core principles of risk-need-responsivity;

· Develop and maintain relationships with community providers (supported housing providers, Health Homes, care management programs, addiction treatment and mental health providers, peer-run providers, education, vocational training and employment services providers, legal services providers, medical care providers, and family providers);

· Follow program community-based monitoring protocols for high risk and high need program participants and request/participate in case reviews to addresses complex cases;

· Enter assessment, supervision appointment reporting, progress note documentation into program database; conduct all electronic charting activities and reporting in accordance with confidentiality regulations and in a timely fashion;

· Meet monthly case management contact and outreach goals as established by supervisory staff

· Provide culturally competent services in accordance with CASES policies and practice;

· Any other duties as required by the Team Leader and supervisory staff



· At least three years of experience providing social services to diverse populations

· Experience conducting screening and assessments of individuals with substance use, mental health and providing services to youth and adults with serious mental illness and behavioral health problems

· Knowledge of the criminal justice system, court processes and alternative to detention/incarceration services

· Experience using databases such as Salesforce

· Spanish speaking a plus


$55,000 full-time 35-hour week with excellent benefits.

Benefits: Here at CASES we offer benefits that will assist you in making the most of your career and your life. Our programs include health and wellness insurance which is offered through Aetna. A retirement 403(b) plan is held with Principal, education, and training. Additionally, our portable ancillary benefits are offered through Aflac, Legal Shield, and ADP Flexible spending account; which is then deducted through payroll along with commuter benefits, additional short-term disability, cancer, additional income protection, hospitalization coverage, and identity theft protection.


Posted on 02/10/17; CVMHA ID #10725