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Therapist (Bilingual Spanish)

Bridging Access to Care


The Therapist is responsible for providing comprehensive clinical services to individuals presenting at the Article 31 Clinic. Including: crisis intervention work with clients who are experiencing domestic violence (DV) or have a history of DV, and/or who have co-occurring mental illness, life trauma or chronic conditions and/or substance abuse issues, familiarity with psychotropic medications, expected outcomes and adverse side effects to report to thre primary care physician or psychiatrist; work with clients and their families on treatment adherence issues with medications and maintaining appointments; conducts assessment/reassessments of clients service needs and priorities every 90 days. Develops appropriate treatment plans based on assessment; Case conferencing with mental health providers to determine goals/objectives, activities and who will perform needed tasks related to mental health issues for clients and family. MUST BE organized and able to provide: Collaborative and Concurrent documentation.


Must be licensed as LMHC, LCSW, or LMSW
Must be Bilingual Spanish




Posted on 02/01/17; CVMHA ID #10714