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Assistant Residence Manager/QIDP

ICL- New IRA Program Opening


Residence Manager
This management position exists only in the Mental Retardation Division. Assists the Residence Manager in supervising and coordinating activities of assigned staff. Assists in the personnel management, fiscal operations, inventory management, residential services, safety, and welfare of residents, training personnel, directing and coordinating the activities of the staff, and administration of the residence. Within the Residence Manager’s guidelines, establishes clinical procedures and policies for residents and ensures that residence operations meet or exceed agency and regulatory guidelines


Supervise the delivery of each resident’s individual plan of care. Coordinate and direct the delivery of training, the provision of medical/nursing and habilitation services. Monitors the therapeutic needs and ensures that all areas are in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Integrate various aspects of the facility’s programs. Initiate periodic reviews as per regulations and conducts all quarterly, annual and special individual case conferences. Function as a liaison between all aspects of the resident’s program, in-house, day program, family and community services ensure coordination and integration. Oversee the development and implementation of the resident’s program, including all behavioral goals and objectives as well as agency actions or staff services.Collect all written materials from other professionals responsible for aspects of the resident’s plan of care and assemble them into the required regularly occurring service plans. Record each resident’s progress. Work with the interdisciplinary team regarding changes in residents’ diets and nutritional foals and supply I.D.T. staff with nutritional information and diets plans for residents going on home visits or being discharged. May advise physicians in the availability of diet plans used at the facility. Responsible for conducting investigations, providing documentation and timely reporting on any and all incidents, as per OMRDD regulations. Perform other related duties as assigned.



Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree, preferably in a Human Services field. Direct care experience in an ICF or IRA residential setting, and a minimum of one year supervisory experience.


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Posted on 01/19/17; CVMHA ID #10657